Car tinting Sydney – Avoid any contamination in the tinting film

Car tinting Sydney is an art which can only be perfected with years of experience. The biggest challenge is definitely to avoid contamination of the tinting film. Use of bottled water and a regular cleaning process for the spray bottles can ensure a marked improvement in car tinting Sydney installations.

For the edges and for the roof liner, one can always use a masking tape. To be more careful, one can also try a dry install with an extra slip in the mounting solution. It is important to note that car tinting Sydney is best done by professionals although there are many DIY kits available in the market.

One needs to be quick and precise while peeling the liner and placing the film on the glass during car tinting Sydney. Using a soft cloth and an alcohol based cleaner, one should gently wash the film. After car tinting Sydney, the window film can take between two to three weeks to fully dry.